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The Lord's Prayer Decoded

Why Prayers Are Not Answered

Do Not Parrot a Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer will be recited at least a billion times today around the globe and yet how many will receive an answer to that prayer?

Find out the answers in this Audio!

“After Hearing this Audio My Life Changed”…Marisa Thompson

This “Lord’s Prayer Decoded” was distributed amongst the participants of the National Sexual Abuse Conference for the First Nations of Canada in Edmonton, Canada where Mr. Sen was a keynote speaker.

"Lead Us Not Into Temptation"... Pope Francis wants to change it, why?

Pope Francis has suggested the line be re-translated to read: “…do not let us fall into temptation”.  The Pope explained in an interview that, “A father does not do that, a father helps you to get up immediately.” To be clear, Pope Francis is not actually changing the Lord’s prayer, but rather clearing up the translation to ensure people clearly understand what is meant.  (

All The Secrets You Will Ever Want To Know, How To Live An Empowered And A Successful Life And Build A Life Of Romance And Relationships Is In The Lord's Prayer Regardless Of Gender And Age

The Lord’s Prayer is the epitome of the knowledge a person would require to be successful. It encapsulates the seed of romance, relationships and financial wellness.

When Understood, By Any Person Of Any Culture, Of Any Tradition, Of Any Religion, It Is Trans Formative.

Tulshi Sen, Author and Entrepreneur

listen to Tulshi Sen an Author, a Consultant in Leadership and Entrepreneur par excellence who has himself built businesses around the world and who has been trained in both the Hebraic and Vedic knowledge, wisdom, alchemy and yoga. Tulshi Sen gives you the inside track into the secret knowledge that lies behind this Prayer; little known in the world.

The Lord's Prayer has Thirteen Invocations which when taken to Heart creates Perfect Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit and Enriches the Person in all Aspects of Life

It identifies the Deity and gives its coordinates. In it are the secrets of Hermetic, Kabbalah and Yogic Teachings within a Prayer that can be recited within 2-3 minutes.

It is equivalent to a mantra meditation that can lead one into a fulfilled life right here on Earth and make Heaven out of it.

This prayer is repeated at least a billion times a day but the better part of the billion prayers are only parroted without understanding. Filled with the understanding of this Prayer one is liberated step by step into a fulfilled life.

Two Great Lines Of The Prayer

The ultimate secret of self-reliance lies in the two invocations, “Lead us not into temptation” and “Give us this day our daily bread”. 

Listen to a couple of lines from this prayer right now from the audio publication you will receive when you decide to buy.

Listen To Mr. Sen’s Introduction To The Lord”s Prayer

You Don't Have To Be A Rocket Scientist Or A Meta-Physician To Understand The Power Of This Prayer

As Mr. Sen says, “A simple fisherman or a carpenter of the ancient times can understand it and take it to heart as well as an Oxford, Harvard, or a Princeton graduate of today.  The immensity and the power within these thirteen Invocations contains all that one would ever need to know to live a harmonious, peaceful life and create what one seeks most – Self-Reliance. 

12 Hidden Truths For Self-Transformation Of One's Own Life

Tulshi Sen gives the listener a deep insight into their own being and takes them step by step into the teachings that makes the Prayer the Touchstone for Success. He reveals how this Prayer can take us from despondency and transcend adverse circumstances and conditions. And how we can form a Vision from the Heart and manifest it as reality. 

In the audio Mr. Sen breaks down each verse of the prayer with penetrating insight into Self Knowledge

Every day millions of people are reciting The Lord’s Prayer. Do they know really what they are reciting? Do they know this is a power plant of Life’s secrets of success? When you listen to the full audio of Mr. Sen’s “Lord’s Prayer Decoded”  whether you are a homemaker or an entrepreneur, your life will change. 

How To Overcome The Most Difficult Work - The Work Of Setting and Holding A Vision and Being Mindful Of It

  • This prayer is the formula to know our own relationship with the Universe and touch Unity where our grasp can exceed our reach
  • This Prayer is the bridge to our Oneness with everything
  • This Prayer teaches us to Pray and know the theory and practice of Holding a Vision and Manifesting the Vision
  • This Prayer is Universal and contains all one needs to know how to be successful and live a secure life. 

Prayer for Strength and Power

It weeds out doubts and combats despair.  It makes us strong and powerful to live a life that befits the purpose of our existence. This Prayer gives us back our awareness of our dominion over everything and reclaim our inheritance. 

With a little bit of understanding and meditation in the meaning and message of the Prayer, the entire teachings become infused into our being.  We understand infinity, unlimited potential and greatness which only a transcendent mind can understand.

After Hearing this Audio My Life Changed
– Marisa Thompson

I Astonished My Friends And Family When I Told Them The True Meaning behind the Lord’s Prayer

Marisa Thompson

The Lord’s Prayer when understood and practiced can obliterate fear, free the mind from the torment of the past and bring prosperity and abundance.

Growing up I repeated the Lord’s Prayer at least 3 times a day, once in the morning, mid day and before going to bed. I knew it was powerful, it must be…everybody I knew was saying it. But if you asked me what it meant or how it helped me, well that was a totally different question. To be honest, I didn’t know. One thing I did know was there was something special in it. I knew Jesus gave the prayer to his disciples when they asked him, “how to pray”.

Then one day I heard Mr. Tulshi Sen’s audio, “The Lord’s Prayer Decoded”.

I was stunned. Excited. I felt liberated. It lifted the veil of all those years of praying in ignorance, hoping for the best in my life. I now knew my prayer could make a difference to me and my friends and family.  I also knew I had to tell others about the magic and power of the Lord’s Prayer.

I thought, wow. Everybody needs to know the Lord’s Prayer and it’s powerful meaning.

More about Mr. Sen, the Author of “The Lord’s Prayer Decoded”

Tulshi Sen is the author of Ancient Secrets of Success, an International business consultant and an Inspirational Teacher in the the field of Leadership based on Spiritual principles. He has lectures internationally. His work involves both the corporate world and individual lives. His breakthrough scientific principles are a blending of the Eastern and Western cultures.

Mr. Sen has taught thousands around the world how to start a business. He has taken people from North America to Asia to learn import and export. He even wrote a book, “Ancient Secrets of Success” all to help his students to develop the right mind set for success. After hearing his audio many students have cried, that for the first time they understood this profound prayer from Jesus. That they understood for the first time, Ask and Receive”.

The Lord's Prayer Decoded Reveals:

  1. Purpose of Prayer
  2. Purpose of Forgiveness
  3. Overcoming Limitations
  4. Building Relationships and Romance
  5. Empowering Friends and Family

Lord's Prayer is not only the most well known prayer in the world but it takes a human being into a state of mind that can touch Cosmic Consciousness and become one with the Super Consciousness. Feel invincibility, and live in abundance, health and happiness.

This audio you are about to listen to reveals why the secret of power lies hidden in open sight in these Thirteen Invocations. When discovered will take one step by step to the world of love, health, peace and affluence.

The Lord's Prayer Decoded

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  • The antidote to anxiety and doubt revealed

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“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness with the Lord’s Prayer Decoded”

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"23rd Psalm - The Song Of David" Audio by Tulshi Sen

Whether one is an Atheist or deeply religious  or an agnostic this song sung by the Shepherd boy,  David, a few millenniums  ago is an empowering song to realize our relationship with our Consciousness,  The Universe which is  the Creative force of our life,  to overcome difficulties that we face.

This song develops the attitude of mind that we can take on a Goliath, the Giant, the seemingly invincible Monster and destroy it with a sling shot of a shepherd boy. We face Goliaths daily in our lives both at home and our work place. Poor health or Finances and relationships are few of the Many Goliaths we face.

When we destroy our Goliaths with the mental attitude of this Song, we make our family and our work place secure. And like David the Shepherd boy  who becomes King David we too achieve the ruler ship of our own life with Self Reliance. We cease to be helpless in the face of adversities that bullies us daily.

Please listen and I suggest that you listen to it on a regular basis and make it a part of your Being as I make an effort to do.